Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake risk

Most Californians live within a 35 mile radius of an active fault so earthquake risk is real. If you do not have a separate earthquake insurance policy, you will have to pay to repair/rebuild your home, replace your belongings and pay to live and eat elsewhere until repairs are completed- all while paying your mortgage! Luckily, getting covered for earthquake is more affordable than ever. We offer basic and comprehensive protection for your home, rental, condo and personal property. Call us today for a customized quotation today!

What makes us unique?

– Most providers only offer a 15% deductible- our clients can select deductibles ranging from 2%-25%

– Coverage is available for swimming pools, valuables, breakables, loss assessment, and your home’s exterior masonry veneer

– We have several different carriers to quote with which makes finding the best option for you easy!

– Your home does not need to be insured with us in order to qualify for earthquake coverage

– Flexible payment options are available



Pays to help repair/rebuild your home or condo unit when an earthquake event exceeds your policy's deductible.

Personal Property

This will pay for replacement of furniture, clothing, TV's, etc. that are damaged in the event of an earthquake.

Loss of Use

If damage or an order by a civil authority keeps you out of your home after an earthquake, Loss of Use coverage can help pay your additional living expenses. If your property is a rental, you can use this for loss of rental income.

Building Code Upgrades

If your home needs to be rebuilt, it needs to be built up to current codes and this coverage comes forward to pay for any additions needed, up to the limit listed on the policy.

Loss Assessment

This coverage comes forward when you are assessed by your homeowners association in the event if a covered earthquake loss.


This is a percentage of your dwelling and/or personal property amounts. Deductibles ranging from 2-25% are available.

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