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Landlord insurance is a type of policy that covers property that you rent to others. These policies help protect you, the owner of the property, from financial loss.

Landlord Property Insurance


Covers repairs to your rental home, condo or apartment if its damaged by a covered loss.

Personal Property

This portion helps to repair or replace damaged personal property you own that is left at the rental location like washer/dryers, refrigerators, etc.

Fair Rental Value

When a covered loss occurs and makes the property uninhabitable, this coverage comes forward to compensate you for loss of rent while the home is being repaired.

Premises Liability

Designed to protect the landlord in the event they are held liable for an accident that occurs on the insured property such as a slip and fall.

Personal Injury

An endorsement that can be added to the Premises Liability portion of the policy to cover claims for wrongful eviction or wrongful entry to your rented home.

Short Term Rental Insurance

If you rent your home to different tenants daily or weekly (example: Airbnb), you require special insurance coverage. Contact our office for a quote today.